1200LLC® is a company dedicated to music education, composition, performance, and curation. Some services include lessons, workshops, production, scoring, programming, and consultations. 1200LLC® is the answer to all musical needs for any age, any genre, at any price.


Jecorey "1200" Arthur [b. May 19, 1992] is a musician from Louisville KY and founder of 1200LLC®, a company that specializes in music education, composition, performance, and curation. As an award-winning certified music educator, classically trained musician, and hip hop artist, he impacts and positively influences thousands of students worldwide. After falling in love with hip hop, Arthur purchased a KORG D-1200 recording studio at age 12 and became a self-taught producer. While studying percussion with Dr. Greg Byrne at the University of Louisville he earned his BME and MAT by age 22. His performances range from Forecastle Festival and 92nd Street Y Musical Introduction Series, to collaborations with the Louisville Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, and Indianapolis Symphony. Arthur leads his community by serving as a board member and event curator for several organizations including Louisville Downtown Partnership, City Collaborative, and Funding The Future. Arthur's double album debut, Seance & Spirit, was recently released on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.