1200 performances are known for being uncategorizable and featuring something everyone will love. Whether you need a deejay, full band, or piano soloist, no genre is safe.


"Per the set, I don’t toss around the adjective important lightly, but 1200 is important — an uncompromising artist who balances activism and light-heartedness, intense performance and humor and bass-heavy bangers with a live band and a youth choir —a sense of surrealism to a set accessible to all. Yes, he’ll chat with a mannequin head impaled upon his microphone stand in some sort of soliloquy before jumping about the stage and imploring the audience to bounce. There’s a reason Jecorey was on the cover of LEO the week of Forecastle, and he stormed out of the gate with an incendiary set, exposing a new audience to his artistic contradictions."  

Michael Powell, LEO Weekly

“Jecorey Arthur is a jack of all trades. He is visionary. He brings the best out of people. He is a leader… Floating between old recognizable hits, xylophone (or whatever that percussion instrument was that he played) breaks, vocal solos, ballerina moments, and the continually present light, 1200 and his crew showcased all of their talents and hard work. He admitted and kind of apologized at one point, to any people that thought they were coming to a traditional hip-hop show. That it was not. It was an artistic venture.”

- Aubrey, Live Music Lou

"Exaggeration of how good a band or musician is often runs wild, which makes it tough to get excited for live shows without setting yourself up for disappointment — but 1200 is every bit as talented as people will tell you. Thinking back on GonzoFest, everything else seems to be completely overshadowed by 1200’s performance." 

- Scott Recker, LEO Weekly