"Young Person's Guide to Local Music is the ideal solution to an ongoing issue - equity in arts education. Music education matters." - Steph Horne, JCPS Board Member


Young Person's Guide to Local Music [YPGLM] has a simple mission – make music accessible to underprivileged children. Less than half of Jefferson County elementary schools have music teachers. Research shows that studying music improves academic performance but tens of thousands of students do not receive music education. Our program showcases contemporary genres including folk, jazz, rock, and hip hop. These genres are used to teach music curriculum through storytelling, song, dance, and instruments in a concert setting. 

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YPGLM is for 5th grade students who do not have music teachers. We use teaching artists in folk, jazz, rock, and hip hop. The lineup of musicians changes to showcase Louisville's most prominent genres. Students will relate more with musicians of contemporary styles thus making various musical concepts easier to grasp. YPGLM was created by Jecorey "1200" Arthur, and is produced by the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts with 1200LLC®.



YPGLM is proudly partnered with the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. The inaugural event took place in Bomhard Theater [619 seats], but with more schools and students we could utilize Kentucky Center's Brown Theatre [1,400 seats] or even Whitney Hall [2,448 seats].

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Kentucky is one of twenty-seven states that considers the arts a core subject. Music is a practice of creativity, collaboration, confidence, critical thinking, and most importantly every single school subject area including Math, Language Arts, Science, and History. It is every child's right to experience music because the arts belong to everyone.


YPGLM utilizes Jefferson County Public Schools general music curriculum as a framework for instruction and all teaching artists are trained by a certified music teacher at 1200LLC®. At the conclusion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. discuss personal interest in a musical selection 
  2. identify characteristics of musical selections and styles
  3. perform a variety of musical selections and styles
  4. demonstrate knowledge of the use of beat/rhythm from a variety of cultures
  5. demonstrate knowledge of melodic contour from a variety of cultures
  6. read/perform rhythmic ostinati 
  7. perform a variety of purposes [ceremonial, artistic, recreational]
  8. perform with expression
  9. perform a solo or in a group for an audience 
  10. demonstrate appropriate performance/audience etiquette for a variety of contexts, venues, and genres

By supporting YPGLM you not only support music education but also local artists. Please enjoy the Young Person's Guide to Local Music Spotify Playlist featuring hundreds of family-friendly artists and genres from Louisville!