Welcome to the ghettos of America. We gon learn some history, filled with our hysteria.

Before my granny and my auntie had me spoiled rotten, great great great granny and auntie soiled cotton.

That's lesson #1 in our text books, right before the one that said we'll be some crooks.

If all we see are drugs dealt and gangs thrown up, then guess what we gon be when we grow up?

They killed Dr. King now ain't nobody in our Black throne. We been gettin' fronted on, no leader with a backbone.

We wish it was a way to trade sufficiency from sufferin'. We can't check our phones without police killings bufferin'.

If we was in the 60s we'd be be screamin’ BLACK POWER, getting hosed down and barked at behind them counters.

Ain't you sick of seeing trends? We gon’ have to make traditions. We ain't asking for permission and we ain't asking for forgiveness.

Can we disrupt the system and deliver this deliverence? Can we stop making excuses go out here and make difference?

We believe, we achieve just unify to grow more in size. WE CAN ORCHESTRATE A NEW MOVEMENT. WE JUST GOTTA GET ORGANIZED.

You gon have to get off social media. You gon have get on Wikipedia. You gon have to put yo on mute. You gon have to read about yo roots.

You gon have to challenge everything. I'ma dare you I'ma double dare you. I would sacrifice my life fa this. I done stared down a couple barrels -

Raised Christian, found my own religion now my faith mission fact over fiction - racism victim kids called me burnt... they just mad 'cause my skin is glistenin' -

I'ma free us from this mental prison - so I'm unapologetic with these mentions. My new state of mind is with intention. My Old Kentucky had a list of lynchin's.


.. That's our family mold in a rabbit hole that'll grab ya soul. It ain't about what the master sold. Our ancestors' legends aint never told.

Our ancestors legend ain't ever seen. Our ancestors legends were everything. We ain't felons. We ain't fiends. We are queens. We are kings.


Menelik!... He tried stop all the slave trades. He went to markets and fought for our people. If you raid then you gettin' slayed.

Afonso, Oba, Agaja, these are the kings that fought for our freedom, but you ain't gotta just read about you can be em.